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Focus on expansion: Rosconi takes over D-TEC

Kippenheim, Germany and Duesseldorf, Germany. Rosconi GmbH, manufacturer of premium stainless steel interior design accessories for public spaces located in Kippenheim, takes over D-TEC, expert in the field of design and production of high-end home furniture as well as accessories collections situated in Duesseldorf as of November 1, 2018. By taking over D-TEC, Rosconi complements and expands its existing quality portfolio with numerous innovative high-end solutions for the perfect arrangement of public areas. Alexander Gut (34), CEO of Rosconi GmbH and Hiller Objektmoebel GmbH, both subsidiaries of Schneeweiss AG Interior, is going to be Managing Director of D-TEC.

In 1980, the siblings Markus and Beatrice Boergens founded the D-TEC factory in Duesseldorf. For decades, former managing director and head designer Markus Boergens has left his individual imprint on the extraordinary portfolio: With his passion for great design and creative solutions, he made sure that D-TEC built up a strong reputation within the furniture and home furnishing industry. By supplying a network of sophisticated dealers, D-TEC has become a leader in the B2B and B2C sector. Its wide ranging product portfolio includes high-quality designer wardrobes, visually appealing furnishing accessories as well as outstanding home furniture items, which turn entrance and reception areas into an impressive business card.


This makes D-TEC’s extensive product range an ideal complement to Rosconi’s premium portfolio. The manufacturer, which dates back to the founding year 1873, is a renowned expert when it comes to furnishing accessories for lounge and lobby areas made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Ranging from customized wardrobe solutions, to designer receptacles, to furniture for waiting and reception spaces, Rosconi offers everything the customer needs to arrange public areas perfectly. Numerous design awards prove an actively lived corporate culture. In addition, Rosconi is committed to professional interior design as well as to shop and exhibition construction. Rosconi GmbH has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schneeweiss AG interior since 2009. Sister companies are the furniture manufacturer Hiller Objektmoebel, Germany and Braun Lockenhaus, Austria, the carrier Widra Logistik, Germany, as well as the advertising agency Atelier Schneeweiss, Germany.


With the purchase of D-TEC, two German traditional manufacturers are united in becoming the leading company within the market. Alexander Gut, Managing Director of Rosconi GmbH and Hiller Objektmoebel GmbH, will also be managing D-TEC’s business in the future. “D-TEC and Rosconi are a perfect match due to the complementary product portfolio. Based on emerging sales synergies and new innovative impulses, we are clearly focusing on growth as well as the further expansion of our competence as an exclusive supplier for public spaces. Thus, our commitment to D-TEC is a strategic investment into the future“, Gut adds and emphasizes: “The takeover negotiations have been extremely fair, which means that we will continue to trust in good collaboration in the future.“ Adding D-TEC to the Schneeweiss AG interior opens up new prospective opportunities, with the corporate network now having the support of a powerful partner behind it. Alexander Gut: “Our brand and business strategy envisions further expansion of D-TEC’s portfolio as well as its ‘refreshment‘.”


about Schneeweiss AG

Located at Schmieheim castle, SCHNEEWEISS AG is the family brand for the member companies Hiller Objektmoebel, BRAUN Lockenhaus, Lockenhaus/Austria, rosconi, specialist for stainless steel lobby items, lounge furniture and professional interior; the advertising agency atelier schneeweiss and widra logistik. These brands are synonyms for innovation and tradition in interior design and furnishings. The services of SCHNEEWEISS AG cover everything from the idea, development and construction of entire interior, exhibition stand and shopfitting designs to both one-off and series furniture production and delivery and installation of the products and is completed with tailored marketing concepts and strategies. All of this at a vertical integration of 76 per cent. The production sites in Germany and Austria ensure the premium quality of our products.

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