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X.centric - zeitgemäße Lösung fürs Open Office

Orgatec 2018: Casual solution for more flexibility in open spaces

Kippenheim/Cologne. With the innovative range of the latest open space furniture “X.centric”, Rosconi offers a new dynamic furniture system which creates flexible zones for communication, interaction as well as for relaxation in open spaces. Versatile fields of applications and scopes of use as well as casual informality are the main characteristics of the round upholstered furniture collection. At this year’s Orgatec, Rosconi presents the novelty at booth K 51/L 50 in hall 10.2.

Today’s creative communication spaces tend to drift away from the static and are open to new flexible and dynamic forms. Nowadays, even furniture systems can and must provide opportunities for informal conversation, for concentrated work by oneself or in small teams, and should ideally be used to wait and to relax. As an autonomous area, open space furniture pieces represent a good mélange of communication and seclusion at the same time; not limited to open space offices, they are apt for public areas such as libraries, colleges or cafés. With the modular system "X.centric", Rosconi GmbH presents its contribution to this exciting topic at the Orgatec 2018.

Round shape offers numerous possibilities

“X.centric“ creates casual communication zones for meetings, small reunions, for a short exchange of ideas. The system also offers convenient ways to wait, relax, replenish energy reserves or have a quick coffee in between. The essence of the unconventional upholstered furniture series consists of a closed circle and its tripartite division in pieces of 120°. Optional cushions provide cozy comfort and correspond to the current "coziness" or "hygge" trend.
In case that a communication area for many participants should become a zone for private conversation or for focused work in just a few simple steps, additional acoustic partitions can be installed. They provide visually and acoustically screened zones for deliberate retreat – separated from the noise, but still in the midst of action. In addition, versatile round stools with practical leather handles are available.
The series is complemented by small, mobile tables in an 120° angle position which convince with various applications for optimal temporary work alone or in small groups. If necessary, they can be simply pushed over to the round ottoman for optimal temporary work. At the long side of the table an additional chair might be placed. In case a solitary workstation is required, the table is simply put in front of two acoustic screens - for quiet, shielded work. And if three tables are grouped, they merge into a round piece where small working groups can meet. An optional felt pocket that is attached to the side of the desk provides storage space and keeps things organized.
"’X.centric’ is definitely not a rigidly closed system," explains Dimitri Riffel, product manager of Rosconi GmbH. "The individual modules are designed to be combined either solitary, within the series or even with other pieces of furniture. Nevertheless, there is a clear structure that significantly communicates the affiliation of the individual modules."

High degree of individualization

The "X.centric" series combines clean lines and simple shapes with soft upholsteries and fresh colors. For the comfortable upholstery a cover made of fabric, leather or imitation leather can be chosen, numerous colors and patterns of Rosconi’s house collection are available. This enables a harmonious adaptation of the open space furniture to each room concept or corporate design. Why not make a real statement with contrasting bright colors and present "X.centric" as an eccentric eye-catcher?

Variety in use

"X.centric" embodies communication and mobile work, but also relaxation and privacy. Therefore, the comfortable ottomans are suitable for numerous purposes in object and office application areas, including open spaces, reception areas, waiting and lounge zones, temporary study rooms or short-time work areas, like those that can be found at airports or in financial institutes.
"We also address young target groups and start-ups as well as companies that want to bring a breath of fresh air into their interior design," says Jürgen Dreher, owner of Schneeweiss AG Interior. "With its casual, informal design, the product can contribute to inspiration and creative brainstorming – actively by serving as an interactive workspace, or passively as a rest and relaxation zone where new energy can be fueled."

About Schneeweiss AG

Set up in August 2010, the Schneeweiss AG group includes furniture manufacturers Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH and Braun Lockenhaus GmbH (Austria), the design specialist Rosconi, expert for lounge furniture and lobby items as well as for professional interior, the company D-TEC, specialist for design wardrobes and furniture for entrance areas, the advertising agency Atelier Schneeweiss and the logistics company Widra Logistik. All six firms operate in the interior sector with their individual portfolios. The strategy of the corporate structure is geared to a high level of vertical integration – currently 76 per cent. From the idea and development through complete concepts for interiors, exhibition booths and stores, including their construction, as well as the production of special and standard furniture for delivery and installation of the products, distribution and marketing strategies, the group covers almost all stages of the value-added chain. Service from a single source ensures the greatest possible individuality and flexibility. Every year, around 440,000 pieces of contract furniture - from chairs and tables to wardrobes, containers and other lobby items - leave the production facilities in Kippenheim, Duesseldorf and Lockenhaus. The diversified product portfolio can be found in congress centers, in conference and seminar areas, event venues, in hotels and restaurants, but also in educational institutions as well as in nursing homes.

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