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Gelungenes Redesign: bonnie 380

Orgatec 2018: Seating furniture with independent character

Kippenheim/Cologne. A completely revised version of the solid wooden chair “bonnie” – part of the chair duo “bonnie & clyde” – is having its premiere at the Orgatec exhibition booth of Schneeweiss AG and its subsidiaries Hiller Objektmoebel, Rosconi and Braun Lockenhaus, K 51/L 50, in hall 10.2. Due to the combination of elegantly swung, feminine curves and a clear design language, “bonnie 380” has matured to a premium wooden chair with an independent character.

“bonnie” is part of the wooden chair duo “bonnie & clyde“, which has been presented at Orgatec 2014. The original idea behind the collection was to unite an angular and a curved variant in one single chair series. For this year’s Orgatec, the “bonnie” model – female version of the series – has been revised fundamentally. “The previous ‘bonnie’ version was too subtle. While the original model only shyly differed from the ‘clyde’ version by a curved rear leg, which was only visible for trained experts’ eyes, the new ‘bonnie 380’ model has formally emancipated into an independent zestful profile with character”, explains Dimitri Riffel, product manager of Hiller Objektmoebel GmbH, the decision for the chair’s revision. “’bonnie’ has grown up.”

Feminine curves, clear design language

Minimalism, elegance and comfort are combined in this high-quality seating furniture manufactured of solid wood. “bonnie 380” convinces with a clear design language: the design is simple, but still an eye-catcher. The rear leg with its elegant yet striking curves is the basis for the back rest, which is also curved. In comparison with the previous model, the new “bonnie 380” frame has a significantly stronger side cut, giving a more feminine touch to the product. The soft curves combined with the warm color of the wood underline the elegant and feminine appearance of the chair, while the clean lines give “bonnie 380” identity and character.

“bonnie 380“ leaves a mark

Whether in hotels or in fine dining restaurants, cafés or other facilities in the gastronomy sector, whether in private houses, administrative buildings or in meeting rooms – “bonnie 380” finds its home where elegant and timeless design is required. Effortlessly, the wooden chair blends with classic interior designs and emphasizes the ambience. In addition, “bonnie 380” can be situated in architecturally dominated buildings, where it can leave a mark.
The solid wooden chair is available with and without armrests and can be equipped with several upholsteries and fabrics. “bonnie 380” is made of beech wood or oak wood with a high degree of craftsmanship. Numerous stains and varnishes as well as veneers can be chosen


About Schneeweiss AG

Set up in August 2010, the Schneeweiss AG group includes furniture manufacturers Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH and Braun Lockenhaus GmbH (Austria), the design specialist Rosconi, expert for lounge furniture and lobby items as well as for professional interior, the company D-TEC, specialist for design wardrobes and furniture for entrance areas, the advertising agency Atelier Schneeweiss and the logistics company Widra Logistik. All six firms operate in the interior sector with their individual portfolios. The strategy of the corporate structure is geared to a high level of vertical integration – currently 76 per cent. From the idea and development through complete concepts for interiors, exhibition booths and stores, including their construction, as well as the production of special and standard furniture for delivery and installation of the products, distribution and marketing strategies, the group covers almost all stages of the value-added chain. Service from a single source ensures the greatest possible individuality and flexibility. Every year, around 440,000 pieces of contract furniture - from chairs and tables to wardrobes, containers and other lobby items - leave the production facilities in Kippenheim, Duesseldorf and Lockenhaus. The diversified product portfolio can be found in congress centers, in conference and seminar areas, event venues, in hotels and restaurants, but also in educational institutions as well as in nursing homes.

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