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cbonnie 383 | Sitzpolster


Design: Kim Kim Design

Minimalism, elegance and seating comfort come together in these two premium chairs made of solid wood. The original idea of the collection aimed at uniting a striking, rather male design with a curved, rather feminine approach within a single series of chairs. Different back versions, various choices of upholstery as well as numerous colors offer countless possibilities when it comes to design options. 

product variants

bonnie | schwarz | mit Armlehne | Rückenhöhe 81 cm
bonnie | schwarz | ohne Armlehne | Griffbügel
bonnie | schwarz | ohne Armlehne | Griffbügel | Sitz- und Rückenpolster
bonnie Hochlehner | schwarz | mit Armlehne | Sitzpolster
bonnie Hocker | schwarz


Flurystiftung Restaurant Klosters | bonnie 383 | contract table
Flurystiftung Restaurant Klosters
Pflegeheim Neumargareten | bonnie | tabula 2020

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