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Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH



The Black Forest-based chair and table manufactory’s roots date back to 1936. Initially founded by the brothers Erich and Herbert Hiller for the production of wooden goods and broomsticks, the company concentrated its efforts on the manufacturing of chairs and tables made of wood, steel and synthetic materials from 1957 on. Over the decades the core competencies of “stacking, clapping, folding” are expanded. The spirit of innovation has been a constant figure throughout the years. To this day, the company continues to do what it does best: Combining state-of-the-art technology with Old World craftsmanship to create stacking and folding furniture that merits the "made in Black Forest" seal of quality.

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In 2010 Hiller becomes a part of the SCHNEEWEISS AG interior corporation, which converts into SCHNEEWEISS interior design world in 2019, and turns into an interior specialist that is able to provide everything from a single source. The service portfolio includes all stages of production and logistics from planning and consultation via development and design to manufacture and distribution. Thanks to the high vertical integration of currently 76 percent, it is possible to respond perfectly to customer-specific requirements.


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Nowadays the company name Hiller is a synonym for innovation, tradition and flexibility. The enterprise is one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture in Europe. With a workforce of 160 employees at the Kippenheim location Hiller produces more than 250.000 chairs as well as more than 40.000 tables per at a production site covering more than 58.000 square meters. Among the company’s customers are convention centers, event venues, hotel businesses, the catering industry, nursing homes and residential homes, public schools, church communities, sports arenas, trade fairs and airports, to name but a few.

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The terms „quality“, “sustainability”, and “responsibility” are by no means empty phrases to us, but rather shared values that provide orientation. Since 1996 Hiller maintains a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001, since 2011 our future-oriented eco-management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.


Long-term satisfaction of customers is our main target. Therefore, our employees do not only ensure smooth, but also reliable processes, whether in the field of production or administration. Hiller is continually working on the improvement of our integrated management system based on the three cornerstones of quality, environmental protection and workplace safety. These are the reasons why Hiller is capable of guaranteeing a high above the average quality and lifespan of products.

Wood processing at the highest level


Sustainable resource management has always played an important role for Hiller. This is not only reflected by the Environmental Prize of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg in 1996 for the first paint shop using a combination of water and UV screen technology, but also by the extensive use of regenerative and substantially recyclable materials. The careful use of resources is and will remain an integral part of our environmental policy and is firmly anchored in the consciousness of our employees.

In Deutschland sind rund 1,44 Million Hektar Wald FSC®(FSC: Forest Stewardship Council®) zertifiziert und rund 3.750 Unternehmen verfügen über eine Zertifizierung ihrer Produktkette nach den FSC® Standards (Stand: Mai 2020). In deutschen Wäldern steht der FSC® u.a. für eine Waldwirtschaft, die den Wald nicht übernutzt, die biologische Vielfalt fördert und die gegenüber interessierten Bürgern*innen sowie Organisationen transparent handelt. Kahlschläge bei der regulären Holzernte sind untersagt und Pestizide dürfen nur eingesetzt werden, wenn dies gesetzlich gefordert wird. FSC® setzt sich für die Mehrung natürlicher Mischwälder, die Schonung des Waldbodens, für den Schutz seltener Arten und Ökosysteme ein. Damit sind FSCzertifizierte Wälder stabiler in einem sich wandelnden Klima und können als Ökosystem mehr CO2 langfristig binden. Für die Menschen im Wald sichert FSC® faire Entlohnung und mehr Bürgerbeteiligung im Wald.

PEFC Deutschland (PEFC: Programm für die Anerkennung von Waldzertifizierungssystemen, engl. Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) ist eine national tätige Organisation, deren Ziel in der Förderung einer nachhaltigen Waldbewirtschaftung durch die Waldzertifizierung und die Kennzeichnung von Holzprodukten besteht. Produkte mit einem PEFC-Label geben Kunden und Endverbrauchern die Gewissheit, dass die eingesetzten Rohstoffe aus nachhaltig bewirtschafteten Wäldern, Recycling und/oder kontrollierten Quellen stammen.




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