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Messekampagne der SCHNEEWEISS AG zum Thema Kommunikation

Exhibition booth of Schneeweiss AG at Orgatec 2018: Focus on face to face communication

Kippenheim/Cologne. At this year’s Orgatec in Cologne, Schneeweiss AG again sets a statement with its exhibition booth and presents itself as an expert in the area of interior design. The booth K 51/L 50 in hall 10.2 comprises more than 350 square meters and has been entirely developed and build in-house. It provides the perfect setting for the numerous product innovations presented by the furniture and design specialists Hiller Objektmoebel, Rosconi and Braun Lockenhaus, all three of them subsidiaries of Schneeweiss AG. Additionally, the booth offers various possibilities for successful communication.

Face to face communication is the leitmotif which has been the conceptual starting point when creating the booth. It also characterizes the presented products and the accompanying advertising. “When it comes to our products, we are fans of digitalization as well as of state of the art technologies. Among others, we demonstrate this with our groundbreaking, future-oriented digital information system ‘no.e’”, says Juergen Dreher, owner of Schneeweiss AG Interior. “However, I believe that communication among humans should be less digital but more personally, face to face. Often good ideas are born within the context of direct conversation with each other, creative processes can be triggered, and inspirations are found.”

Booth offers space for conversation

The exhibition booth of Schneeweiss AG and its subsidiaries Hiller Objektmoebel, Braun Lockenhaus and Rosconi welcomes visitors with its impressive size of more than 350 square meters. Three large access areas invite guests to enter the booth and to communicate. Dreher: "We deliberately created a booth that, despite its size and open shape, represents a closed universe. Thus, it offers security, space and the necessary privacy for a personal dialogue, far from the busy trade fair." The company group’s high degree of vertical integration enabled an entirely in-house development, construction and building of the booth. The “professional interior” department of Schneeweiss AG’s subsidiary Rosconi, which is specialized in customized interior design as well as in professional shop interior and exhibition construction, has been responsible for this process.

Various communication areas for personal encounters

Various communication areas derive from unconventional furniture solutions such as the modular chairs of the latest “DACOR” series by product designer Daniel Korb or the round upholstered seating module system called “X.centric”. They offer flexible choices for personal conversation, at the same time they serve as acoustically and visually shielded places for concentrated work and confidential communication. “For us, public spaces are open spaces of encounter which can turn into retreats in no time, if necessary,” explains Dreher. He also sees the booth’s bar as a vehicle for communication: “Here, certainly many interesting encounters can be made as I envision them to be: direct, personal, and face to face.”

Critical, striking, provocative: the advertising campaign

The striking advertising campaign has been created by the group’s own advertising agency, Atelier Schneeweiss. The campaign deals with the topic “communication” in a critical way and reflects it provocatively. It shows graphic characters wandering around as so-called “smombies” – smartphone zombies solely focusing their mobile devices and concentrating on them in a state of no longer being aware of their environment. They are literally surrounded by spam clouds or simply cannot communicate anymore as they are trapped in the digital world.

The play of contrasts brings excitement

Besides the communication aspect, Schneeweiss AG puts great emphasis on the exciting play of contrasts. Starting with the color concept that is in line with the company’s name (“Schneeweiss” means “snow white”), it focuses on the two (non-) colors black and white. Red accents break the clean look and serve as eye-catchers. Traditional woodworking and handcrafted wickerwork, which will be demonstrated at the booth on a daily basis, contrast with innovations such as the digital numbering and information system “no.e” or with high-tech materials such as the net fabric used in the “BLAQ chair” seating furniture created by Design Ballendat.

Courage to talk about the future

At Schneeweiss AG’s booth, solely furniture novelties as well as product revisions will be presented. Products of the existing portfolio are not part of the company’s exhibition concept – with one exception: the timelessly-designed high-quality accessories and lobby items made of stainless steel by the premium brand Rosconi. Juergen Dreher emphasizes: “With this conscious decision we show our courage to talk about the future, not about the past.”

About Schneeweiss AG Interior

Set up in August 2010, the Schneeweiss AG group includes furniture manufacturers Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH and Braun Lockenhaus GmbH (Austria), the design specialist Rosconi, expert for lounge furniture and lobby items as well as for professional interior, the company D-TEC, specialist for design wardrobes and furniture for entrance areas, the advertising agency Atelier Schneeweiss and the logistics company Widra Logistik. All six firms operate in the interior sector with their individual portfolios. The strategy of the corporate structure is geared to a high level of vertical integration – currently 76 per cent. From the idea and development through complete concepts for interiors, exhibition booths and stores, including their construction, as well as the production of special and standard furniture for delivery and installation of the products, distribution and marketing strategies, the group covers almost all stages of the value-added chain. Service from a single source ensures the greatest possible individuality and flexibility. Every year, around 440,000 pieces of contract furniture - from chairs and tables to wardrobes, containers and other lobby items - leave the production facilities in Kippenheim, Duesseldorf and Lockenhaus. The diversified product portfolio can be found in congress centers, in conference and seminar areas, event venues, in hotels and restaurants, but also in educational institutions as well as in nursing homes.

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