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BLAQ 479


The BLAQ 479’s 3D plastic shell is ergonomic, easy to clean, and extremely robust. Thanks to its material properties, the product is easy to clean and therefore suitable for areas where it is subjected to heavy use, such as in restaurants and hotels. Various colors, upholstery, and materials allow for a range of different designs. 

product variants

BLAQ 479 | 000 | Signalrot
BLAQ 479 | 0pr
BLAQ 479 | s00 | Himmelblau
BLAQ 479 | 000 | Schiefergrau
BLAQ 479 | 0p0 | Himmelblau
BLAQ 479 | s00 | Schwarz
BLAQ 479 | s00 | Schilfgrün
BLAQ 479 | s00 | Weiß


Martin Ballendat has been an internationally successful designer for more than 30 years.

Born in Bochum, Germany, in 1958 he studied design at the renowned Folkwang School in Essen. After 10 years of professional experience in a leading position he founded his own independent design studio in Austria, a second one quickly followed located in Germany. With roughly 16 employees, DESIGN BALLENDAT is a sought-after partner for well-known interior design brands in more than 14 countries.

He received more than 100 international design awards, including 10 in the highest class “best of the best” as well as gold awards.

Martin Ballendat has been a guest professor and lecturer at design colleges in Graz and Salzburg for more than 15 years.

product family

BLAQ chair | durchgehende Sitz- und Rückenfläche
BLAQ wood | 466 | Vollpolster
BLAQ table | eckig
BLAQ lounge | mit Armlehne
BLAQ wood 477 Conference Chair
BLAQ wood 476 Office Chair
BLAQ 469 | s00 | Himmelblau
BLAQ 478 | sp0 | Schilfgrün
BLAQ Office Chair_by Martin Ballendat
BLAQ Conference Chair, Design: Martin Ballendat

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